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• Your #1 Fansource on all things Haley Bennett!
We’re Back!

After a very long hiatus I’m happy to tell you all that Haley Bennett Love is back online and very soon everything will be back online! In case you didn’t know, this website was hacked a couple of months ago and everything in it deleted, including older posts and the full gallery. I’m currently working for two because sadly Cristina will leave us for a little while at least. I promise I’ll do it all as quickly as possible, currently our gallery is already back online, make sure to register again. Also, curently our host has been having some issues so some pages may not be working properly, I’ll make sure to warn when they do.

Help me get this website going again, if you have any donations (picutres, graphics, anything) please send them to: contact@haleybennett.fansitehost.com or rockfaerie.mary@gmail.com !

Meanwhile, I’m glad to welcome you to the brand new and re-vamped Haley Bennett Love! :)