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Tyler Shields talks about Haley Bennett Shoot

Tyler Shields is a world renowned photographer who has photographed everything from landscape to celebrities. I am a budding photographer so getting the chance to interview Tyler was a huge thrill for me. I learned a lot about Tyler’s personality just from the few questions below. His photographs are amazing and one day I would love to be part of his creative genius. Below is my ‘exclusive interview’ with the man known as ‘Tyler Shields’, secret projects, how you could possibly meet Tyler Shields in person, and Zachary Quinto. What an amazing talent!

5. What was your most difficult shoot and why? (could be personality related, weather related, dropped camera, had the flu, etc.)
Difficult, I dont know if that’s the right word – crazy – there was one with Haley Bennett where there was a good chance of death, I was not worried, but my assistants were like I don’t know about this.

FULL INTERVIEW AT: http://sites.google.com/site/scifiwarehouse/photography