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Gallery Update

Ok as I promised I’m slowly ( not because I want it to be slow though) adding everything I have on Haley to the gallery and today I’ll probably finish that. What I can promise is that by the end of the week I’ll have it all posted for sure! :)
In the meantime you can check out the newly organized gallery and sit tight and just watch how many images we have! Also if yo do have images of your own that are not included, please send us to contact@haleybennett.fansitehost.com and make sure you also send the name or nickname you want us to use on your credits! Also, I tried posting all the links here but it’s WAY too many and seems pointless, so here’s some of them! Register and you get to see the rest!:P

>> Chris Maestro Photoshoot

>> N Magazine Photoshoot

>> Warning Magazine Photoshoot

>> Unkown Photoshoots of ’05

>> LA Premiere of “Music&Lyrics”

>> NYC Premiere of “Music&Lyrics”