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New candid video

First of all: guys, I’m very sorry about being so MIA. I’ve had some personal issues, my grandma died and I didn’t have the heart to be online at all. I hope you all understand.
Second of all: I’m back and I have a lot of new stuff to post, I’m doing it slowly ’cause on top of it all my computer is getting fixed and I’m using my work one so.

But stay tuned because I’ll upload pretty soon an amazing new photoshoot (which is part of a big revamp here and my apology for being MIA) and screencaps of the Italian DVD for The Hole 3D (btw, thanks to my uncle for being awesome and buying me that even though I don’t speak a word of italian)

For now, check out this video of Haley I found on youtube. She sports a new hair do most likely for her part as Annabel Lee in “Outlaw Country”. Enjoy!