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The Soundtrack list for “Kaboom”

Gregg Araki added the full list of songs included in the soundtrack for Kaboom in his facebook page, with details on when the songs are played during the film.

CUT COPY “Saturdays” – Smith tells Stella about Thor in dining commons
EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY “Catastrophe & The Cure” – Smith meets The Messiah in the hall
THE BIG PINK “Crystal Visions” – Smith & Stella talk over dinner
LADYTRON “Weekend” – Smith & Stella meet up w Lorelei at the party
TEARS RUN RINGS “Mind The Wires” – Smith meets London in bathroom
A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS “To Fix The Gash In Your Head” – Smith&London/Stella&Lorelei have sex
FRIENDLY FIRES “Paris (Ambient Mix)” – Smith & London post-coital in bed
METRO AREA “Caught Up” – Smith tells Stella about his bad trip
THE HORRORS “Mirror’s Image” – Smith & Stella see Lorelei in the cafe
THE XX “Stars” – Smith talks to London on phone
AIRIEL “In Your Room” – Smith & London in bed
THE PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART “This Love Is Fucking Right” – Smith walks in on Thor & Rex wrestling
YEAH YEAH YEAHS “Softshock” – Smith & London have lunch
THE DEPRECIATION GUILD “Dream About Me” – London gives Rex a much-needed lesson
AUBURN LULL “Shallow In Youth” – Smith & London talk about Rex, Thor walks in
DELUKA “Cascade” – Smith gets call from Hunter
MOSCOW OLYMPICS “Cut The World” – Smith beats off, Stella gives him a birthday present
HELEN STELLAR “Our Secrets” – Smith & Stella see band in club
IRON CURTAIN “The First Punk Wars” – Stella finds an unsettling surprise in her donut
HELEN STELLAR “Disappearing Twin” – Smith’s Mom works out with her trainer
ENGINEERS “Clean Coloured Wire” – London tells Smith about her dad in cafe
INTERPOL “Song Seven” – Smith talks to Stella about The End of The World
AIRIEL “Sugar Crystals” – climactic fight/car chase
PLACEBO “The Bitter End” – Le Grand Finale/end credits