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Interview: Anthem Magazine

We have no doubt that you have familiarized yourself with Haley Bennett’s onscreen charm before. In fact, we would wager that you would be particularly au fait with her debut role as fictional pop star Cora Corman in 2007’s Music and Lyrics. If Bennett’s most recent outing in Gregg Araki’s Kaboom underlines her massive star potential, it’s one of several musical numbers in Music and Lyrics that truly highlights her willingness to go the distance—Exhibit A.

A brief background on the 22-year-old Naples native (that is, Naples, Florida): In 2005, Bennett moved out to Hollywood with her mom to chase her acting and singing ambitions. In two short years, she landed a high-profile role in Music and Lyrics. Now, you can catch her in Kaboom in which she plays Stella, a sarcastic and whip-smart lesbian art student (loosely based on Araki’s best friend from college).

Anthem met up with the rising star for a chat and photo shoot during Sundance. (This is the companion piece to our Gregg Araki interview.)

Kaboom is now playing at the IFC Center in New York City.

You’re one busy lady! Every single invite that I’ve received at Sundance has your name on it somewhere. Are there two of you or something?

[Laughs] Sundance has been so amazing! It’s so special because I get to spend it with my amazing, eccentric, and beautiful cast. They’re like little stars, like the brightest stars in the sky.

Can you recall a moment in time when you first thought, “I want to become an actress”?

Oh, man. I have no idea… [Laughs] I really have no idea. There wasn’t a moment of epiphany or anything.


Thanks to Kee Chang for the heads up and the great interview!