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So as you may have noticed the site has been lacking a little on updates. I’m currently running it alone and it also happens that I’m doing an exchange program that’s taking me for 1 year to a new country and the process has been taking the best of me this whole semester. With that and school…well you can see why I’ve been lacking here and I am really sorry. I am a ginormous Haley fan and I consider this site my baby so I want it to prosper. If you are a Haley fan, knows HTML and thinks you have what it takes to help update this site please fill the form bellow and I will reply asap! I just absolutely need you to know basic HTML (I would teach but my time is null) and have basic understanding of wordpress and coppermine. Thank you for continuing to check the site, don’t think I don’t know you guys still come here once in a while, I’m very grateful. I’m looking forward to your replies! I’m also on tumblr and to contact me via ask there you can click here. But I’m only going to consider real applications sent through my email with the questions I put in this form. Thank you!

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Can you read HTML/PHP and/or use Wordpress?