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• Your #1 Fansource on all things Haley Bennett!
HB Love needs a co-owner/staff members

So guys, first of all let me begin by apologizing for the lack of update. I’m in my last year of university and things are a bit crazy to say the least. The little time I got online I usually spend on tumblr and even then it’s for a few seconds so I’m really sorry I haven’t been giving any attention to this site. This brings me to what this post is about: I really need someone to help me with the site. Haley Bennett Love is like my baby, I’ve put so much effort and time and done so much research over the past years for it that I’d hate to see it go to waste. If you know or you are interested in anyway in helping. Starting today, August 14th, I’ll officially open a position for a co-owner or news posting staff members. Any help really. Anyone that likes Haley’s work, knows how to work wordpress and the most basic HTML possible is suitable for this and it’d mean the world if you guys responded. You can contact the site using our contact form below. I’m so sorry I’m so MIA, I’ll try my best to be here but this is an official hiatus explanation.

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