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5 Things to Know About The Girl on the Train’s Haley Bennett

No, that’s not Jennifer Lawrence you’re seeing in those The Girl on the Train trailers — it’s Haley Bennett!

The Ohio native has exploded onto the scene thanks to significant roles in several buzzworthy films this fall: Girl on the TrainThe Magnificent Seven and Warren Beatty‘s latest directorial effort Rules Don’t Apply. Here are five things to know about the young woman you’re about to see everywhere:

1. She already has a list of high profile roles under her belt.

Although Bennett seems like a fresh face, the 28-year-old has actually been working in Hollywood for nearly ten years. She got her start in the Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant movie Music and Lyrics in 2007 and later landed small roles in movies like Marley & Me and The Haunting of Molly Hartley. Bennett also appeared alongside Denzel Washington in Antoine Fuqua’s The Equalizer in 2014, before reuniting with the duo for The Magnificent Seven.

In addition to The Girl on the Train and The Magnificent Seven, Bennett will be appearing in the highly anticipated Rules Don’t Apply, written and directed by the legendary actor Warren Beatty. Bennett appears alongside stars Lily Collins, Alec Baldwin and Beatty himself.

2. She can also sing — but sometimes it leads to angry red hives.

When the actress made her debut in Music and Lyrics, she also showed off her vocal skills! She performed several songs in the movie, including a duet with Grant. But performing wasn’t always easy for her.

“I was so terrified before an audience that I would break out in these ugly red hives, and my lips would quiver at the sight of a word or a song,” she told Interview about her early performing days.

3. She’s a modern-day Martha Stewart.

She cooks! She bakes! Her backup career plan is to be a chef.

“If acting doesn’t work out, I’m probably going to be a professional chef,” Bennett told The LA Times. “You’ll see me on Top Chef someday. My Midwestern hospitality needs an outlet, you know?”

Bennett takes this role so seriously that she even bakes for her costars, once bringing a peach cobbler to the Fourth of July party on TheMagnificent Seven set. She also brought Antoine Fuqua an apple pie when he invited her to audition for the movie.

4. Yes, she gets mistaken as Jennifer Lawrence. A lot.

Granted, it may just be because they’re both blonde, young and pretty, but there certainly seems to be a resemblance between Bennett and The Hunger Games star.

“I get recognized all the time, but not as Haley Bennett,” the actress told GQ. “Everyone thinks I’m Jennifer Lawrence! It’s hilarious — people are like, ‘Hey, Jen!’ ”

5. She’s hunted since she was young and knows how to “dress a deer.”

Raised by a single father in the woods of Ohio, the actress was actually a bit of a tomboy.

“My dad was a single father, and he was a hunter. I learned how to shoot when I was pretty little,” the actress also told Interview. “My dad would take me deer hunting with him, which was pretty traumatic — Bambi was one of my favorite movies.”