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• Your #1 Fansource on all things Haley Bennett!

If you’re interested in applying to be our affiliate here’s how to do it:
• Fill the “Observations” field saying which ategory you want to be added: Elite, Top Affiliates, Co-Stars and Affiliates. The “hierchy” is also in this order.
• Elite sites are only HQ fansites and it’s up to the webmistress to decide if it’s approved. If not she’ll email you or add you to top affiliate.

Q: What the difference between categories?
A: Elite affiliates are shown on our header with a tiny image to redirect to your site. Top affiliates are listed on the sidebar without the need to scroll down. Co-Stars are the same as Top Affiliates except it helps our visitor if he wants to see Haley related fansites. Affiliates will be added to a scroll down list and sown on the sidebar under all the previous lists.