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Yesterday, a couple of up-and-coming actor and actress types stopped by our space here in L.A. to meet the PAPER gang. You may recognize Noah Segan from his recent films like Brick and The Germs biopic What We Do Is Secret. He has about 857 upcoming movies out, and seems like one to keep an eye on! We also met the bubbly Haley Bennett, who arrived with a chic Leica camera around her neck, who we only now realize played pop-starlet Cora Corman in Music and Lyrics!!! Mickey and I are currently freaking out — we love that movie! She too has a bazillion movies out soon, including Marley & Me, starring Jen Aniston and Owen Wilson.


My favorite place to eat in L.A… open 24 hours

My favorite place to party in L.A… Disneyland

My favorite celebrity in L.A. is… Siri Garber

My favorite movie about L.A. is… Less Than Zero

My favorite street in L.A. is… Melrose

My favorite place to make love in L.A. is… There hasn’t been much love-making yet…

My favorite thing about L.A. is… the traffic

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Found this online, one of the first reviews on Haley’s movie “The Hole”

The Hole has an interesting look as seen left and also an interesting element – the use of 3D! Horror films and 3D seem to go together like peanut butter and jam. Now, Bold Films is capitalizing on this combination for viewers entertainment.

The Hole will feature Haley Bennett, Nathan Gamble and others in a mysterious film about a basement and yes – a hole. The premise seems simple yet intriguing. Let us hope a trailer comes this way very soon.

A synopsis for The Hole here:

“A 3D adventure about three kids who come face to face with their darkest fears when they discover a mysterious hole in the basement. Shadows lurk and nightmares come to life in a 3D thrill ride from legendary director Joe Dante.”

Director: Joe Dante.

Writer: Mark L. Smith.

Cast: Haley Bennett, Nathan Gamble, Chris Massoglia, Bruce Dern, and Teri Polo.

For more info’ on The Hole visit Bold Films as found here:

The Hole at Bold Films