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Haley and Drew Barrymore reunite

V-Magazine posted an interesting snippet about Haley and some picture took by none other than Drew Barrymore. In case you don’t remember, Haley’s first big screen role was as Cora in Music&Lyrics that starred Drew and Hugh Grant. Here’s the article and the picture was added to our gallery! WITH A PROP STUDIO AS HER BACKDROP, THE PERPETUALLY SUNNY DREW

“Staff” Positions for Haley Bennett Love

So as you may have noticed the site has been lacking a little on updates. I’m currently running it alone and it also happens that I’m doing an exchange program that’s taking me for 1 year to a new country and the process has been taking the best of me this whole semester. With that and school…well you can see



I’d like to ask every user of listal, tumblr, livejournal, fanpop and anyother social networks to please stop re-distributing the pictures in our gallery WITHOUT proper credit and/or permission.Especially the ones saying “haley bennett love EXCLUSIVE”. I’ve paid good money on them and because of these action I now have to tag each and everyone of these pictures. I apologize

Earth Hour 2010

I’m not sure if you’ve heard about this, but every year WWF has a campaign to raise awarness on global warming. This year’s Earth Hour is next saturday, March 27th. Make sure to be a part of this global statement. This is a very serious issue and we support it 100% in this website. Go to http://www.earthhour.org/ to check the