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• Your #1 Fansource on all things Haley Bennett!

Tyler Shields 2009 Recap

Today Tyler Shields, a famous photographer and one of Haley’s bestfriends, posted on his website his video portait of 2009. There are images of Haley never seen before and it’s beautiful. Check it out. Don’t forget to also visit his site!

STARmeter + Kaboom News

This week Haley’s STARmeter on IMDB went up 100% ! I couldn’t be happier for her! :) Also, Cinematical published a new article on “Kaboom” Haley’s latest projects, comparing the production to David Lynch’s ( a ver respected director/writer/producer) pictures. Here’s an excerpt: “Building on that whole all-too-brief sexual awakening description from last month, the movie is “a wild and

IMDB update | Gallery Problems

Haley’s profile page on IMDB was updated to an image by Troy Jensen for her latest photoshoot! Also, I’m finishing capping Haley’s movies so be sure to check the gallery real soon! >>Haley Bennett on IMDB I got some messages saying there was something wrong with registerind and that copermine wasn’t sending their calidatin emails. Please comment on this with

6th GM Ten Event Footage

I don’t know if you guys have seen it but I found footage of Haley back in 2007 at the GM event along side Jeremy Cisto