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I love Haley Bennett – A Birthday Project

I’ll try to release a mini site for yu gys to send Haley some messages. I’m gonna try to send it via mail in a scrapbook form if not by email for sure, I thought it was fair for you all to send your own personal messages!! haley@haleybennett.fansitehost.com -> Send your Messages with NAME/LOCATION/MESSAGE you can send poems, images, messages,

“The Hole in 3D” – Article from 28 Days Later Analysis

Found this online, one of the first reviews on Haley’s movie “The Hole” The Hole has an interesting look as seen left and also an interesting element – the use of 3D! Horror films and 3D seem to go together like peanut butter and jam. Now, Bold Films is capitalizing on this combination for viewers entertainment. The Hole will feature

Kaboom Still

The first still for Haley’s latest project Kaboom was released this week. And here it is: EDIT: I’ve added a HQ version of this image which is also wider. You can find it in our gallery.