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Another Gallery Extravaganza!

SOrry about the pun but: Oops, I did it again! I just uploaded almost 100 images to the gallery! I’ll edit here the thumbs and links later because today is my momma’s birthday and I’m running late as it is! Also, what did you guys think of the new layout? Can you comment on it? I know I’ve been having

Massive Gallery Update

Well it’s iamge crazy here on my computer tring to figure out which pics have already been uploaded and which haven’t so I’m going a little crazy. But as you can see there are tons of new images in th gallery!! And Now it’s necessary t register because I’ve seen people, specially on orkut and facebook, using images they took

Gallery Update

I’ve just added 12 new images of Haley and there’s more to come later. Also, you guys should welcome Laura who’s helping me out with Gallery and in the future with the forum.

Kaboom Still

The first still for Haley’s latest project Kaboom was released this week. And here it is: EDIT: I’ve added a HQ version of this image which is also wider. You can find it in our gallery.