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Gallery Update

I’ve replaced some of the tagged images we had for the Michael Muller photoshoot and Antoine Doyen photoshoots and added an extra photoshoot by Jeff Vespa and one by Drew Innis in our gallery. Enjoy! • Jeff Vespa • Drew Innis • Antoine Doyen • Michael Muller

Massive Gallery Update

Well like I promised I replaced the photoshoots with smaller tags and some with no tags at all. I hope that by giving the first step, people will respect my wish to keep crediting the fansite. Mostly, credits help build up a bigger fanbase that visits Haley Bennett Love and the more visits, the more I can spend on making

Gallery Update: Haley on Sundance Film Festival

Firstly: Happy New Year everybody. I hope you had wonderful holidays! Now, onto the good stuff…I am slowly trying to come back to this site now that life’s a little less hectic and for now I am not only reuploading the photoshoots with much smaller tags but I also just added brand new pictures of Haley attending various events at

Outtakes from the 944 Photoshoot

Thanks to the lovely Michelle of http://www.lukegrimes.net/ we have now an additional 40 images of the photoshoot Haley did for 944 Magazine. Enjoy and don’t forget to visit LUKEGRIMES.net

Gallery Update

Like I said, I finally got the gallery to upload the new pictures and work as it should. Therefore it isn’t in maintenance mode anymore and you all can browse through as you wish, I am sorry for the inconvenience. Enjoy! New Additions: • “The Hole” Production Stills OBS: There’s also new artwork added! • “The Hole” Promotional Photoshoot •