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• Your #1 Fansource on all things Haley Bennett!

•”[On the set of Music and Lyrics] I worked every single day. If it wasn?t with the dancers, it was by myself in my room, or I worked out in Gold’s Gym. They have the rooms with the mirrors, and I would go and literally work my tush off.”

•”You’ve got a gateway to hell under your house … and that is really cool” The Hole

•”Aside from putting a dick in your mouth while listening to Lady Gaga, that’s about as gay as it gets,” Kaboom

•”I’ll show you the roof. It’s upstairs.” Music&Lyrics

•”If it’s meant to be, it will be. It’s destiny . . . or not.” Music&Lyrics

•”Derek give me a beat, steamy and sticky. ” Music&Lyrics

•”This uniform makes me nauseous, if that’s what you mean. ” Molly Hartley

•”I thought I was going crazy. ” Molly Hartley

•”…My mom tried to kill me… She stabbed me in the bathroom, one day after school. ” Molly Hartley

•”It’s too late. You came back too late.” Passage