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• Your #1 Fansource on all things Haley Bennett!
Site History

Haley Bennett came out on the scene in 07 when she debuted as Cora Corman and of course she had many people drawn to her immediately. Her role as Cora is probably one of her best to the date or at least the most remarkable. This website really was already owned before at the time the movie came out but it was never really used as the girl who bought the domain never got to air it.
Cristina (you know her, c’mon!) then watched M&L and also, like most of us, was interested in Haley and decided she’d create a fansite for her. Like most people at the Fansites Network, the previous owner and many other people helped her out with images etc and Shannon was made co-web here.
In July, I joined the staff and helped Cristina with my own informations and goodies I had on Haley that I had collected over the years and very much soon they had the most complete fansite (and also only, lol) out there. We even had praise from Haley’s family!
Around September the Fansites Network had a security breach and someone with a very sad life decided to hack into several fansites, including this one and deleted the whole database. It took about two months to get it all back up and ready to air. On November 13th the website was put back on air.
Sadly neither Cristina or Shannon are part of the staff but are very welcome to come back ( Just for the record). Today I run the website alone with a very big help of Cristina ( you can say she’s like a mentor, I never had a fansite before and she helps me with a lot of coding stuff) and many of the guys at the Fansite Network Forum!
I hope this website is your reference to all things related to Haley as I put a lot of effort in it and try to update it and run it as best as I can!