Haley Bennett Love • Your #1 Fansource on all things Haley Bennett!
• Your #1 Fansource on all things Haley Bennett!
Thanks & Inspirations

To Gertie – For al the support and help with this fansite’s hosting and allowing me to make this wish come true.

To Luciana – For all the patience and help you’ve given me. Also, for the amazing work you do on your fansites. Especially I Heart Deborah, Damonic and Alexander Skarsgard Source! :D

To Tonya – Who, of all the fan-sites.org hostees, have helped me tons! Lots of all the improvements here are thanks to her so I’ll be forever grateful! Also, she’s a kick ass girl, I’m proud to call you a friend!

To Cristina – She started it all really, she founded this site in July 2009 and was open and kind enough to allow me to make a part of it. I’m very glad she trusted me and how she thought me so much about not only managing the fansite but also some codes and stuff. I guess she’s sort of a mentor for me.

To Christine – She may not even know how much she inspires me but really, she has some of the best fansites around and I adore her graphic work. You should probably check out both m-fox.org as well as a-seyfried.org !