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Photoshoot Addition

I have added a lovely photoshoot to the gallery of Haley taken recently. Gallery Link: Professional Shoots > Photoshoots from 2016 > 006

Photoshoot Additions

I have added some missing photoshoots from 216 to the gallery. Gallery Link: Professional Shoots > Photoshoots from 2016 (shoots 2-5)

Event Photo Updates

We are now officially mostly all caught up with 2016 events of Haley (except a few which I’m still working on getting!). Expect more updates soon when I get the time, I’m sorry for the lack of them recently! Gallery Links: Public Appearances > From year 2016 > September 23: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Public Appearances > From

Haley Bennett on her long road to fame

Shortly after Tate Taylor agreed to direct the adaptation of Paula Hawkins’ best-selling thriller The Girl on the Train, a strange thing happened. He started getting phone calls from industry friends — casting directors, costume designers, even the film’s star, Emily Blunt — with a similar message. They’d each met an actress who was perfect for the part of Train’s most

5 Things to Know About The Girl on the Train’s Haley Bennett

No, that’s not Jennifer Lawrence you’re seeing in those The Girl on the Train trailers — it’s Haley Bennett! The Ohio native has exploded onto the scene thanks to significant roles in several buzzworthy films this fall: Girl on the Train, The Magnificent Seven and Warren Beatty‘s latest directorial effort Rules Don’t Apply. Here are five things to know about the young woman you’re about to see