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First Kaboom Review

Going into the festival there were a select few films that I had earmarked as definites for viewing: Wall Street 2 was top of the list, and closely following it was Gregg Araki’s Kaboom, a delightfully intriguing prospect for anyone familiar with Araki’s body of work. Araki is one of those indie-darling, festival veterans who has never really cemented the

Haley’s Songs & Gallery Update

As we keep hoping for Haley’s much anticipating album, I finally got the names of some of her songs. She sang it on a concert last year with Shaley Scott. Here’s the set list: Somebody Like You Paralyzed Get Over Me All I Have Emotional Addiction Dead or Alive (Bon Jovi cover) Also here are some recent scans of some

944 Magazine – Interview

Just last night 944 online released an interiew they made with Haley as a part of an article on “People to Watch in 2010”. Other people in the list are Dave Franco and Luke Grimes. Enjoy :) 944 Hangs Out With the Ones to Watch in 2010 Starring as pop singing sensation Cora Corman in the Hugh Grant flick Music

STARmeter + Kaboom News

This week Haley’s STARmeter on IMDB went up 100% ! I couldn’t be happier for her! :) Also, Cinematical published a new article on “Kaboom” Haley’s latest projects, comparing the production to David Lynch’s ( a ver respected director/writer/producer) pictures. Here’s an excerpt: “Building on that whole all-too-brief sexual awakening description from last month, the movie is “a wild and

Tyler Shields talks about Haley Bennett Shoot

Tyler Shields is a world renowned photographer who has photographed everything from landscape to celebrities. I am a budding photographer so getting the chance to interview Tyler was a huge thrill for me. I learned a lot about Tyler’s personality just from the few questions below. His photographs are amazing and one day I would love to be part of